Clinical Training

The Department of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology provides both outpatient and inpatient diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic rehabilitation for hearing, language and speech disorders. In Audiology, evaluation includes Puretone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry , OAE testing, Immittance audiometry, BERA, VEMP, other Special tests and Hearing Aid Trial. Rehabilitation services for Hearing Impairment, Vestibular disorders and Tinnitus are also available. In Speech- Language Pathology, Assessment and Rehabilitative services for Childhood language disorders, Voice disorders, Articulation disorders, Fluency disorders, Adult Language disorders, Motor speech disorders in children and adults, Swallowing disorders are available.

The Nitte Meenakshi Institution of Craniofacial Surgery in association with Cleft Children International, Switzerland is devoted to the correction and rehabilitation of individuals with cleft of lip and palate and other facial anomalies. The students are posted to work at the Advanced Audiology and Speech Language Pathology departments which provide them excellent exposure and training in assessment and rehabilitation of persons of all age groups having speech, language and hearing disorders with latest advanced facilities. During the 4th year of internship programme the students are posted in reputed Institutions in and outside Mangalore.